Tuesday, 22 September 2009

In the cab

Mom took this picture of me in the cab.

In the Cab

I'm not really that blond, but the sun sure makes me look like goldilocks.

Friday, 11 September 2009

B&W Spinach

I like spinach.

In fact, I like eating spinach, and I like wearing spinach.

More vegetables are on the way.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Rice Face

I've discovered that there are other things to snack on than just mom's boob. Don't get me wrong, the boob is amazing, but this rice stuff is incredible!

I can do this! Piece of cake! Speaking if which, where is the cake? Wait ... What is cake??

Monday, 13 July 2009

My Uncle Joe sent me a video!

The song is called “Lullaby”, and he wrote it just for me!

I hope Uncle Joe doesn't mind me posting this nice video and the description he wrote. :-)

A word about the music and the video: I have not written any music in quite some time. I wrote a bunch of stuff years ago, but I have had neither the time nor motivation in the last decade to lay down any new tracks. However, last year, when I heard of your pregnancy, I began to feel inspired. I was flooded with thoughts of you two as parents, and how you might be with your new child. Inevitably, my mind drifted to our childhood and to Dad, and I thought of how he might have been with us even before the age where we could form permanent memory. It inspired me to write the piece which underscores the first half of the included video. It is titled “Lullaby” and is so named because of the initial base line. I pictured Dad humming these four simple descending notes to us over and over as we lay on his hairy chest in an effort to get us to sleep. On the track, I played guitar and bass, and used instruments from Garage Band to do the rest (drums, Hammond B3, sax, tambourine, effects). My guitar is a bit out of tune, but I make no apologies. I enjoyed thinking of you two, of your developing baby, and of Dad when I wrote it. And I was pleased with the result, simple as it is.

The second tune you should recognize: The video is a simple compilation of several events, people, and critters from our last few years. It is meant as cross-the-pond sharing, and as a celebration of families and children and of Julia’s arrival.

Monday, 1 June 2009

In Germany for a swim

Mom and dad took me to Germany to go for a swim ... something called a baptism. It involved a nice man in a long robe pouring water on me. Later, when I went to get my picture taken at the studio, I poured my water on dad. More on that later. For now, here are some nice pictures and videos:

Louisa, Chalotte, Sabine, tita and grandma prepping for my party:

Dad and I looking at eachother. (We do that a lot.)

Watching a bit of babyTV:

Here I am in the church before the baptism:

Picking out the best ones from the photo shoot:

There are many more pictures on Flickr, where dad keeps them all.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Julia @ 7 weeks

Mom took some pictures of me and dad mixed them all up with something called Animoto. Then, this nice man Chris Rea wrote a song just for me!!!

I could get used to all this attention.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The world is a big place!

On Easter Sunday, Opa Karl, Trudi, mom and dad all took me to a very special place where I'd never been before. There were lots of different shapes and smells. There were these pretty things that smelled very nice that mom called "flowers" and giant things called "trees".

They called it a "park" ... and it was BIG!

Dad kept looking for "bunnies" because he said I look like them sometimes. We didn't find any, but maybe we'll see some next time. They had to work really hard to get me to the "park" and I was glad I had my SUV because the road was really bumpy. I kind of like all the bumps, but they make me really sleepy.

We stopped along the way for some pictures under a pretty tree.

I like Easter! Can I have another one please?

Out and about

Hi there. The weather in London has been very nice, and more and more have been over to visit me.

Dad finally found time between diaper changes to help me put this video of my new friend Lucy and her parents Amanda and Johnnie.

Thierry and Michelle also came by, and they took me for a walk! Dad and Thierry talked about strange things like hedge funds and mom and Michelle laughed a lot. They drove me past a lot of trees and plants and flowers. I like flowers!

See you soon!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Ostern mit Opa!

This is my first Easter (or as mom likes to say, Ostern), whatever that is ... and my Opa Karl came to visit me!!! We've been having a great time together.

Opa Karl loves to take me for rides in my SUV. I like to sleep when he does.

I think he looks great in my daddy's baseball cap, don't you?

Everyone in this place called England has been talking about rabbits and creme eggs for the past week. All I know is that I really wish I could eat all this chocolate.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fun with friends

A lot of people came to visit us the past few days, and I've been having a lot of fun. Plus, Trudi took me for a walk, and we had a great time. Mom and dad like dressing me up in silly outfits. They said this one that my Tita Joan sent makes me look like a "ladybug", whatever that is ...

My parents told me that Nadja sent a bear suit for me to wear. I don't know what that means, but dad seems to be very happy about the idea.

That's my new friend Lucy. Mom and dad went to NCT parents school with Amanda and Johnnie, who are Lucy's mom and dad.

Lucy's parents are very nice, and they said that she and I can eat cupcakes together as soon as we know how to do that. These are some special cupcakes from Fru Fru that John S and his family sent to us. Dad told me that they taste even better than they look.

This is Trudi, and I love her very much. She's been helping mom and dad with everything, and this is when she took me out for a walk in my SUV. Trudi is teaching me organizational skills, and I'm having fun with her.

Dad gave me a bottle of milk today for the very first time.

This is how I look when I'm very very full ...

I'll be back soon. Bye-bye!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Danke vielmals!

Trudi arrived from Germany today to help mom and dad take care of me for the next couple weeks. She is sweet and brought lots of presents from my family in Wertheim. Charlotte and Luisa even sent me some of their very own toys ... and I love them!!!

I also got a lovely sweater knit by Aunt Anne and Onkel Otto that I can't wait to try when I'm big enough. Aunt Lindi made me a homemade needlepoint for the wall and a Stokke chair from Aunt Lindi and Onkel Heinze that I can use when I can sit on my own.

Grandpa Karl send daddy some Wurzburger Hofbrau. He's so lucky, and I think he's going to drink them tonight with dinner.

Liebe grüße und herzlichen dank für das schönen geschenk!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Breakfast in bed

I really like Saturdays. Mom likes listening to Jonathan Ross and reading the New York Times. Dad likes to make breakfast and do stuff on his laptop. He told me he'd teach me how to use the new Sony TG3 soon, but for now I'm still letting him hold the camera.

Hopefully, mom and dad like Sunday brunch, too.

My pictures on Flickr

To say that my parents are shutterbugs is the understatement of the century. I mean, they take more pictures than the paparazzi who chase the Royals. Ba dum, chssh! Funny, right? Sometimes, I crack myself up ... at which point I usually wet myself.

That's a picture of me right after my first-ever bath. It wasn't half as bad as I thought, and the water was really warm. You guys should try it sometime.

To make it easy for you to see all of the pictures that mom and dad are taking, they keep them on Flickr. Dad tells me that Flickr is pretty much the only cool thing left at Yahoo! besides Delicious, whatever that means. He's such a geek, but I love him anyway.

Everyone, smile and say ... "Milkbar!"

Talking with Uncle Joe

Dad took me out for my first walk the other day. Well actually, he did all the walking, I just rode in my SUV. But anyway ... He spoke to my Uncle Joe on the crackberry for a bit and decided to record it. My uncle seems like a cool guy, and I cannot wait to meet him! I think he likes little children, because he works with them at the hospital quite a bit. From what I hear, Aunt Amy is a teacher, so I guess I'll learn a lot from them.

I wonder how long it will be before I have a cousin to play with!

A sort of homecoming

That's the name of a cool U2 song, and it is what I was humming when mom and dad brought me to my new home in London. Fernhurst Road is much nicer than St George's Hospital, although the ladies there were nice to me and the place is named after my dad.

Do you want to sing with me and Bono?

Oh don't sorrow, no don't weep
For tonight, at last
I am coming home
I am coming home

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Little Red Riding Hood, ver 2.0

I like stories about grandmothers. Did I tell you that my middle names (Helen Ruth) are the first names of my grandmothers' mothers? Isn't that neat!

That music is by a cool band dad likes called Röyksopps. Anyway, I wonder if dad will get one of those cool VW vans?

Learning karate

Dad is teaching me karate when he changes me. This is my first power move. What do you think?

Hahyyyeeeee YA!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Dad laughed when he watched this ad


What's hockey?

Sunday, 22 March 2009

My lucky numbers

Many of you have asked how much I weigh, since silly dad forgot to mention that in his email to a bunch of you. So, along with that number, I thought I'd tell you my other favourites:

Weight in pounds: 8lbs 5oz
Weight in kilos: 3.8kg
Birthday: 17.03.2009
Birthtime: 1203pm

Let me know if you win at the lottery!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Sleepy time

Mom and I were pretty tired at the hospital when dad decided to film things. I was one day old when he took this video, so I guess those roses are for mom ... and for my birthday!

See you again soon.

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